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Welcome to the site of To The Point Physiotherapy.

To the point physiotherapy is a practice for physiotherapy where you can go for various

complaints that are caused by the spine.


I have specialized in eliminating movement disorders as a result of an incorrect pelvic position and the

resulting pain complaints.


The pelvis is the foundation of the body. Deviations in its position can cause complaints throughout the





The joints between the sacrum and the two pelvic halves are called the Sacro-iliac joints, abbreviated

SI joints.


Trauma can cause shifts within the SI joint.


This can be caused by:


- falls: often the case with horse riders, skaters and cyclists


- tell


- childbirth: risk for both the mother and the newborn child


Due to the trauma, the joint surfaces no longer fit together correctly, making the joint immobile,

causing complaints.




In the medical world, often only the localization of the complaint or the joint that is affected is

considered.In doing so, the cause of the occurrence is often overlooked. In my view it is essential to

have the entire body inspected


subjects, to discover the position deviations and to examine all involved joints for changes in the

position of the involved bone pieces


It is important to compare arm and leg movements of the left and right side of the body.


There are also changes in the spine as a result of the trauma. The movements of all vertebrae relative

toeach other must be examined for the presence of any blockages (changes in position within the joint)




The most common symptoms that are caused by a position error within the SI joint are:






- Radiating pain and tingling from the lower back to the side and/or front of the thigh. 


- Radiating pain to the side of the lower leg into the foot.


- Sometimes only complaints of the upper leg or of the lower back on one side.


- Pain-in-the-groin.


- Unexplained knee and Achilles tendon complaints.


- Shoulder, elbow and wrist complaints


- Sometimes the pain radiates over the pelvic crest and forward into the abdomen, so unexplained

abdominal complaints.


- Pain on one side of the head due to blockage of the upper cervical vertebra in relation to the skull


- Headache behind or above the eyes.


Often patients with SI blockage are extremely tired, they are constantly looking for the right posture,

because they cannot sit on both buttocks and cannot stand on both legs for a long time.


These patients often slump in the chair or sit crookedly or on the edge of the chair.


Many of the patients treated by me have an extensive and often long history of complaints and have

been extensively medically examined and treated without any kind of result.


These complaints can be treated using the Mulligan techniques, often with good results after just a

few treatments.